Saturday 9 October 2010

Fine. I was Wifin. Happy?

Screw it. I'm sick of people attacking me personally and sending me death threats.

You want the truth? I'm a 19 year old male who read Just Another Fool. Then I watched EverymanHYBRID, then Marble Hornets, and by this point, I was terrified of Slender Man.

He's not real. He's a fictional monster. Like vampires and werewolves.

And I see him out of the corner of my eye all the freaking time.
I dry my face after a shower, and I'm scared to move the towel in case he's there. I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, and I'm scared of the bloody dark now.

I'm sick of it.

I didn't do this for fun. I did this to manipulate the story. Change the legend. Shift our position from prey to hunters.

It's like in Doctor Who. The monsters are terrifying, we can't ever hope to beat them, but the Doctor comes and saves the day every time.

There's no Doctor in Slender Man. Just people who go insane and die.

I don't want that kind of story. I hate that kind of story. Especially when it follows me into the shower.

I started this blog and started spreading stories of me fighting Slender Man so I could sleep easier at night. It made me feel stronger, like there wasn't anything to be scared of. If I'm writing the story, then it can't hurt me, because it's fiction.

But that's not helping. You know what else isn't helping? When people email me telling me I'm the scum of the earth and should die.

I might not have seen Slender Man, but I have seen the scum of the earth, so don't you dare compare me to the likes of them.

I wanted to end a story that had overstepped its bounds. I wanted to raise my middle fingers to my fears and shout out what I wanted to.

I wanted out.

It's pretty clear now that the way to do that is to stop doing these blogs and reading these stories.

I don't even own an axe. Yeah, that was a lie too. That's what stories are.

Hey, maybe there are some of you on the run. Maybe there are monsters out there. Me? I'm keeping my monsters where they belong. IN FICTION.

In the immortal words of Cartman, "Screw you guys, I'm going home."

Friday 8 October 2010

Fallacies and Breaker

Well, I am an idiot.

First off, I want to thank Omega for saving my bloody life by pointing out that my axe and the crowbar were, in fact, NOT made of iron, but steel.

So, I did some testing. Neither Iron, Steel, Wood, Salt, Glue or any mixture of them had any effect on Breaker.
At all. No reaction.
Know what did work?

An axe in his face.

I might need to explain. Over the past couple of days, I've been losing my slender powers. Cut's aren't closing before my eyes, no more psychic typing, no super-intimidation, nada. It's been almost a fortnight since I ate the damn arm, so maybe I just ran out of slender juice.

But, because of that, Breaker's hallowing failed, and he recovered and attacked. It MIGHT have been because I was trying to make him hurt before, but I think he just hates me.

So, I ran. He stopped chasing me once I grabbed the axe on reflex, then I remembered my theory on axes cutting down trees.

Just realised this now, but M reckons that Slendermen gain power from belief. I don't believe that we created them though believing, but that theory probably holds some weight. And if that's the case, then why shouldn't it go both ways?

Anyway, I just jumped to the easy conclusion before. I forgot to mention that due to the fact that Slenderman fucking ripped my ribcage open last week, I haven't been sleeping well, which was PROBABLY the reason I needed a lie down after using a crowbar to shift some large rocks (Dad was doing the levering, I was pushing the rocks and transporting the crowbar).

So, here's my advice. NEVER go for the easy option. NEVER assume the most logical solution is the right one. NEVER write something off as impossible until you have tested it thoroughly, even if it IS going right for you. If I tried using a knife against Slenderman, thinking Iron was the weakness, I'd be dead or worse.

As it happens, I dumped the mutilated corpse of Breaker in the woods and called the police anonymously. I doubt it'll show on the news, but let me tell you that they can be hurt. Unless he's fucking with me, they can be killed.
That's something else I've been told a lot. Wifin'. I'm assuming this is from those 'Twenty Dolla' videos, which I've yet to see, but seriously? Have you no survival plans?

I mean, assuming Slenderman originated from belief on the internet and our thoughts give him strength. Someone then comes with a possible, and believable method of fighting him, and you call bullshit? I mean, regardless of the fact that I actually am fighting him, let's assume I'm some twelve year old that wants everyone on the internet to think he's a big man, and I'm spreading the rumour about how awesome I am for beating Slenderman.

Why would you go against that? WHY would you stop that kind of rumour from spreading? Who cares if you believe it, someone will. If plenty of people say that it's true, and add to the lies, then eventually, it WILL become true.

If it wasn't for the fact that the axes do work regardless, then we'd have lost a potential weapon through impatience and honestly being tired with trolls.

I am not Wifin, though it turns out that Breaker, no, Slenderman was messing with me, at least until he had enough will to attack me. Thankfully, he was still sluggish and I was keeping that axe nearby.

Near enough.

Another lucky event.

I won't get lucky like this again. There's another Slenderman that was this one's partner.

I've taken Breaker's hat and I'm wearing it right now. A fedora I think it's called.
I can see the other Slenderman on the street. Kids are asleep in bed, mum and dad are out, my brother's got his girlfriend over. I have the axe propped on the table.

Just having this axe doesn't make me invincible. It just means that the battle is winnable. He can still fuck with time. He can still fuck with space. He can still sap my will and most importantly, he still has eight arms to rip me to bloody pieces with, only this time, I don't have regeneration to save my ass if I screw up.

I'm not going to fight. Not right now. It's half eight and I just ate. It's cold and I'm pretty tired.

I'll fight him on my terms, when I'm ready, and when I can win.
Tonight, I sleep and rest.

Big day tomorrow. I double the number of slender people killed.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Shocking Twist

So, Omega pointed out something interesting on The Tutorial.

"SamJaz, your reason for being able to hurt Slender Man was that you hit him with iron. Okay, I can sorta see that; iron has often been considered a weakness of mystical creatures.
One major flaw in it, though.

No one makes axes made of iron anymore. They're all made of steel. While steel is partially iron, pretty much every myth about iron hurting creatures requires pure iron. Finding an ax made of iron would be almost impossible in today's times, and it's highly unlikely that you'd just have one lying around. Same for the crowbar which weakened you when you picked it up; that would have either been made of steel or some other alloy. Iron tools are practically nonexistent nowadays."

I checked my axe, and yes, it's made of steel.

Which raises the question: How did it work?

Will any dense metal work if it's attached to wood? Does a modern monster require a modern metal? Did it only work because Either I or Slenderman thought it was iron? If that was the case, then that provides strong support for M's 'Belief creates Slenderman' theory. But if that was the case, then it wouldn't matter what I wrote here, because if anything was believed to hurt him, then by the laws of belief, then it would.

Fact or fiction, does that matter any more? Is it like Persona 2, spread a rumour and it becomes true? I don't know, and I don't want to be the one to test it.

I've also been told that Breaker's probably playing with me. I haven't killed him yet, and I haven't let him off yet. What do you guys think?

Sunday 3 October 2010

Breaker broken or playing?

Lya on The Tutorial brought up an interesting point.

What if I haven't Hallowed Breaker, but it's just Slenderman playing games with me so he can figure me out; why I can hurt him, why he can't break me, and so on.

It's a scary thought, and honestly, I have no idea. It was hard fighting back his mental assault, a few nights ago, and I'd like to think that I earned my victory, but now I'm not sure...

Saturday 2 October 2010

New title, format.

Spruced up my blog, renamed it from Sanctem Mount to Breaker. Concerning the point of the blog, Breaker is far more appropriate, and I didn't like the dark feel I had before, but I didn't want to let go of it either.

Had a pretty normal day today. Sleep now.

Awake, Breaker.

So, now that I'm awake and coherent, I did some testing with my hallowed slenderman.

M likened Hallowing to purifying a plot of land for your usage, and that's pretty much what it is. Point M.

Basically, I've pressed this slenderman's identity so far down that I've been able to create a new identity for me to build over it. Unfortunately, this means I can't get much more information out of it than before, since it represses its true self when its near me.

So, I got to work putting a new identity for it. I gave it the name Breaker, since names enforce identity. It still uses its old persona when I'm not around or when it's not following my instructions, I've gathered from what little info I could take from Breaker's head.

I'm still got the problem of what to do with him. I don't want him, I don't want any part of this, but he's to valuable to not use and frankly, I couldn't handle the guilt of knowing I was holding back something this huge.

I imprinted a calling card for him. I've instructed him not to come if it'll blow his cover in front of other slendermen, and only go for those who actually want him. He doesn't have a language as such, so you'll have difficulty getting your point across, but he can read intentions. You'll recognise him if you call him and he comes. He's got an eye socket and a zig-zagging crack along his chin when he's under the Breaker mindset.

If you think you can use him, go ahead. Make this mark and hope for the best.

Again, I can't guarantee he'll come. Again, he can sense those that can use him and those that can't. He won't fight for you. I suppose he can pass messages or track people down I suppose? I dunno, that's your problem.


That... was pretty fucked.

Well, start from the beginning. I woke up in the middle of the night to find a slenderman pulling the axe from my pillow.
I kicked him in the chest and reached for the axe, but he threw it aside and lunged for me, slamming me against the wall.
I grabbed his face as he started choking me, and then the mind fuck started.
It got seriously confusing, but next thing I knew, slenderman was fucking kneeling in my bedroom.

On top of that, there was a hole in its left eye and the bottom-right side of his face was cracked. I guess that was from my hand when I was trying to push him off?

Anyway, I sat on my bed (It's a pretty medium sized room) and faced him, brain catching up to what the hell just happened, and I got the idea to grab his head.

So I did.

I got memories.

Specifically, one with this slenderman watching this girl in some city- guessing new york or something? Lots of towers and yellow cars- when a slenderman with a missing right arm arrived near him.

The first slenderman touched the injured one's forehead, and saw my first fight with one, and it promptly shat a brick.

The two slendermen swapped places, and this one came for me.

This was when I pulled out and told the slenderman to bugger off.

About ten minutes later, I thought about bringing him back, and wham. There he was. Cracks and all.

So I told him not to kill any humans, and to hide the fact that I'm a threat to the other Slendermen. I told him to hide the fact that he's in contact with me, then told him to go spy or whatever, and I'll summon him when I need him.

His face healed and he left.

So, I think I just hallowed a slenderman. I think it's pretty clear that I'm not fully human anymore.

Now here's the question.

What the fuck do I do with a slenderman as a slave?