Friday, 1 October 2010

Profiling Slenderman

So, I just read through The Tutorial, trying to figure out as much as I could.
I think I know his motive.

He never goes for people who aren't involved with him somehow, but he's been known to attack those close to his target in some way or form. He usually kills people at the height of their madness, as if he's had their fun with them, and has no further use for them.

But we've seen that he's not that smart. He can be tricked. Not for long, but he can be tricked. He's pretty gullible, but he's determined.

He's not trying to silence anyone, or else these blogs would end after one post. If he wanted notoriety, he'd go for those who didn't know about him, civilians if you will.

But he only hurts civilians if they're close to his target.

I'm not a profiler, but I do watch Criminal Minds and I'm a psychology buff. This is just a very educated guess, but I think that there's a clan of slendermen, and that one of them went missing.

I think they've decided that a human took one of them.

I think they're investigating, they're watching those that know about them to see if either they were the ones who stole a slenderman, or if they'll find out. When their target goes insane, slenderman knows that not only is this kid the target, but they aren't going to find them any time soon, so they off them to cover their tracks.

As for why they hurt friends and family members, that's basic revenge. "You stole one of us? Let's see how you like it!"

This all started in 2009, and it's escalated into something resembling an invasion. I don't think they came into existence back then, or that they've been around forever. My guess is that one of them went missing a couple of years ago, maybe 2005-6ish, but when the slenderman picture appeared on something awful, they decided that one of us did it, and they want to know who.

If I'm right, then that explains why everyone targeting slenderman is treat differently. They are different slendermen, and they investigate differently.

As for Zeke, I think the slenderman targeting him was especially close to the missing one. He seems really determined and abnormally malevolent. I think he thinks that either you know who did it, or you're gonna find out. If he thought you were the one who did it, then you'd be dead.

That said, the missing slenderman's probably been gone for decades, since he was following you as a child. That, or the slenderman following you back then was the one that went missing.

I don't know if I'm right or wrong, this is just me going with what I know about criminal psychology and slenderman. Tell me your ideas about this and your theories.

I made four blogs about him today and it's not even lunch time. I'll probably be seeing him tonight, if he thinks I'm still alive after what he did to me. I'll ask him, if he understands human speech.

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