Saturday, 9 October 2010

Fine. I was Wifin. Happy?

Screw it. I'm sick of people attacking me personally and sending me death threats.

You want the truth? I'm a 19 year old male who read Just Another Fool. Then I watched EverymanHYBRID, then Marble Hornets, and by this point, I was terrified of Slender Man.

He's not real. He's a fictional monster. Like vampires and werewolves.

And I see him out of the corner of my eye all the freaking time.
I dry my face after a shower, and I'm scared to move the towel in case he's there. I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, and I'm scared of the bloody dark now.

I'm sick of it.

I didn't do this for fun. I did this to manipulate the story. Change the legend. Shift our position from prey to hunters.

It's like in Doctor Who. The monsters are terrifying, we can't ever hope to beat them, but the Doctor comes and saves the day every time.

There's no Doctor in Slender Man. Just people who go insane and die.

I don't want that kind of story. I hate that kind of story. Especially when it follows me into the shower.

I started this blog and started spreading stories of me fighting Slender Man so I could sleep easier at night. It made me feel stronger, like there wasn't anything to be scared of. If I'm writing the story, then it can't hurt me, because it's fiction.

But that's not helping. You know what else isn't helping? When people email me telling me I'm the scum of the earth and should die.

I might not have seen Slender Man, but I have seen the scum of the earth, so don't you dare compare me to the likes of them.

I wanted to end a story that had overstepped its bounds. I wanted to raise my middle fingers to my fears and shout out what I wanted to.

I wanted out.

It's pretty clear now that the way to do that is to stop doing these blogs and reading these stories.

I don't even own an axe. Yeah, that was a lie too. That's what stories are.

Hey, maybe there are some of you on the run. Maybe there are monsters out there. Me? I'm keeping my monsters where they belong. IN FICTION.

In the immortal words of Cartman, "Screw you guys, I'm going home."


  1. Well, kid, you prolly won't read this, but I kind of get you.
    I took a roadsign for the bastard. In broad daylight. Right next to my workplace. I get a twinge of fear everytime I get a cough.
    While it's sick to call people scum and threaten them on such weak grounds, you have to see where these people are coming from: you were basically trying to turn their horror story into a story of epic heroism (or so it seemed) and they saw it as attempt to troll them and ruin their fun.
    In-universe characters, on the other hand, saw a guy mocking their, quite dire, situation. Not nice.
    Slenderman may one day disappear, whither away as people grow tired of the story, but since he's a communnal character, no-one will ultimately defeat him.
    Don't worry, deal with it.

  2. Screw the people sending you abusive messages. Some people take Slenderman way too freaking seriously, and that's coming from someone who likes him as a distant creepy figure. He's a fictional character - heck, a fictional creature - so why should you not be allowed to interpret him how you want? In the end, getting up in arms about a portrayal of Slenderman is like getting up in arms because someone wrote about the Yeti and it didn't match your personal vision.

    Sorry if I'm coming off a bit strong. I saw this post and got shocked and pissed off that people had gone so far as to send you abusive messages because you wrote a less scary Slenderman. I mean... what the hell.

    Aaand I just realised that this post is from at least a month ago. But I'll post this comment anyway on the offchance that you see it. For what it's worth, although I haven't commented, I've enjoyed this blog. Sure, it's not Lovecraft-crazy dark survival horror, but why should that be a flaw? Makes a change from all the Marble Hornets clones.

    If you want to carry on this story, good for you. If you want to end it, then I'm sorry some asshats took it on themselves to spoil your fun.

  3. I thought the blog was great, and I liked the shift in perspective. The people threatening you are the typical morons that the Slenderverse absolutely hates. I know you probably won't read this, but if you do, join the Slender Nation forums. Say Etreo recommended you. We're always open to fresh ideas.