Saturday, 2 October 2010


That... was pretty fucked.

Well, start from the beginning. I woke up in the middle of the night to find a slenderman pulling the axe from my pillow.
I kicked him in the chest and reached for the axe, but he threw it aside and lunged for me, slamming me against the wall.
I grabbed his face as he started choking me, and then the mind fuck started.
It got seriously confusing, but next thing I knew, slenderman was fucking kneeling in my bedroom.

On top of that, there was a hole in its left eye and the bottom-right side of his face was cracked. I guess that was from my hand when I was trying to push him off?

Anyway, I sat on my bed (It's a pretty medium sized room) and faced him, brain catching up to what the hell just happened, and I got the idea to grab his head.

So I did.

I got memories.

Specifically, one with this slenderman watching this girl in some city- guessing new york or something? Lots of towers and yellow cars- when a slenderman with a missing right arm arrived near him.

The first slenderman touched the injured one's forehead, and saw my first fight with one, and it promptly shat a brick.

The two slendermen swapped places, and this one came for me.

This was when I pulled out and told the slenderman to bugger off.

About ten minutes later, I thought about bringing him back, and wham. There he was. Cracks and all.

So I told him not to kill any humans, and to hide the fact that I'm a threat to the other Slendermen. I told him to hide the fact that he's in contact with me, then told him to go spy or whatever, and I'll summon him when I need him.

His face healed and he left.

So, I think I just hallowed a slenderman. I think it's pretty clear that I'm not fully human anymore.

Now here's the question.

What the fuck do I do with a slenderman as a slave?