Thursday, 30 September 2010

Yeah, I think I might've done something stupid eating Slenderflesh...

See, no one in my family are making eye contact with me anymore, and I don't even get noticed unless I say or do something to attract attention.
On top of that, my dog Linus is really starting to get agitated with me.

I think I might be turning to a Slenderman, but that's probably just the mutant healing and the super strength talking. It's probably nothing, right?

Slenderman and Me.

I wanted to post this onto The Tutorial, but the posting field wasn't working, probably because I made an account tonight specifically to post this, hence the pretty happy and careless first post. Didn't want to do a Slenderman blog, and I don't intend to. Hopefully, this'll be a one-time post.

I have Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD. When I find a new shiny thing, I get obsessed over it very quickly and just soak it like a sponge until I find my new awesome thing.

I found about Slenderman late August through TVTropes. I thought he was scary as hell, and got Slender Syndrome. Didn't think enough of it to start a blog.

He came for me a week ago.

I was in the garden at the time, and I knew damn well what happened to people who got scared and tried to run, especially once he started appearing face-to-face, so I grabbed the nearest thing to a weapon and charged.

I tore his arm clean off with the axe.

His posture broke as he recoiled from pain. He wasn't expecting that, so I slammed the axe into his chest. He doubled over and I could feel myself getting stronger, so I smashed my shoulder into him and rammed him against the side of the house. Then I put my foot to his chest and tugged the axe out, at which point an arm burst from his side and he threw me across the garden and he ran like hell.

I wasn't thinking straight after that, so I grabbed the arm he left behind and took it inside. I carved his arm up and fried the meat like steak, then ate pieces of him and exrtacted the bones.
Once I calmed down, I burnt the rest of his flesh, leaving me with some bones. I spent days carving those long arm bones into swords for our eventual rematch, but they were useless agaisnt him last night.
Slenderman tore me to bloody pieces.

Most of my wounds healed overnight, but my right arm is still growing back skin. I don't know how, but I've gotten some of his powers. I don't know if I'm turning into a Slenderman, but I think I've figured out his weakness.

Iron and Wood.

Traditionally, Iron drained strength from supernatural creatures, and wood holds it, like a battery. For the sake of my argument, I'll assume that Slenderman charges his power from trees. Iron, however, takes that away from him.

In the case of my axe, I think the iron of the blade drained his power upon contact and sent it into the wood handle of the axe, and then into me. Guns wouldn't work because they're flying lumps of lead- iron is the most solid element, lead is malleable and even then, there's nowhere to drain to. Guns are worthless, but melee weapons made from iron and wood, or perhaps just iron, work amazingly.

I don't know if he can be killed. He regrew the arm I took from him by our second encounter, and I'm hoping we don't meet again, but he can be fought on a level playing field if you're ready for him.

I'll make myself clear. I'm out. I want nothing to do with this. But if someone thinks they can use me to help, the so be it. If Slenderman comes back for me, then either I'll hurt him or he'll hurt me. Right now, I just want to focus on my life. I'm going on a mission for my church in a couple of months, so I hope to reach a long-term solution for this.

For everyone else? Iron and Wood.

Hey, I gots myself a blog!

So, yeah. Hey. Wondering why it's called Sanctem Mount, that's because of a game I used to play with some mates where all fictional characters met at this fictional place in the centre of the fictional multiverse called Sanctem Mount.

Hey, I was thirteen. It seemed clever at the time.